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Meet The Staff



Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC is a local brokerage with the owners having over 20 years of experience servicing borrowers with poor to perfect credit.   Our staff, consisting of state-certified loan consultants have developed a reputation for offering low, nearly impossible to beat wholesale rates as well as that personal service every borrower demands. If you are looking to refinance or purchase a new home, we can help you.

Why you need to contact Maryland Mutual Mortgage

Don’t make a 30 year mistake by walking into your bank or calling your current lender directly.  Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC gets wholesale discounted rates, from over 40 different investors and lenders.  On any given day our wholesale rates will typically be to .25% to .375% lower than if you went directly to a bank.  With our help you can find the best mortgage loan that fits your exact needs.  Let us custom tailor a loan for you today!

Maryland Mutual Mortgage, LLC vs. A Federally Chartered Bank
Who is more qualified to assist you?

Our licensed loan originators must complete at least 20 hours of mortgage education, pass the National SAFE exam, and pass all state specific exam’s.  They must also be fingerprinted and have their own credit pulled to ensure overall stability in order to gain licensure as a loan originator.  Our loan consultants have a vested interest in you and the mortgage industry.

A Federally Chartered Bank Loan Officer does not have to take mortgage education,  does not have to take the national exam or state exam.  They simply have to register their name on the NMLS.

You pair the lack of qualifications with the higher rates you typically find at these large banks and your decision becomes clear.